February 17, 2021

How to Maintain Your Florida HVAC System in Winter

Whether you’re a seasonal resident or full-time Floridian, all homeowners should know how to properly maintain their HVAC system in winter, and any season for that matter. After all, could anyone really survive in Florida without a quality heating and cooling system anymore? We don’t think so! Winter is the perfect time for HVAC maintenance so read on to learn from the experts at Jenergy Air Services exactly how to keep your air conditioner ready for anything this year.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Appointment

Just because its winter and not being used as much as in summer doesn’t mean you can neglect your HVAC system. Without regular heating and cooling maintenance and a yearly inspection of your HVAC system you run the risk of running it into the ground way before its time. Remember to also check and change your air filters throughout winter. Make your appointment now to make sure you don’t forget to take care of the system that works so hard to take care of you.

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Install a Programmable Thermostat

Fluctuating weather throughout the winter in Florida means your AC system needs to work harder to properly cool or heat your home. By installing a programmable thermostat you will be able to control your home’s temperature while you’re away from home and the chilly morning quickly turns to a humid afternoon.

Ductwork Cleaning, Maintenance or Replacement

The ductwork in your home is an essential part of your HVAC system. Have you ever had your ductwork cleaned? Most homeowners have never had a ductwork cleaning and the average home still has its original ductwork. Dust, debris and other organic matter accumulate and, over time, affect the quality of your indoor air. If you notice that your air filters are quickly getting dirty, noticeable dust or smells are coming from your air vents, or you’re having trouble reducing pet hair around the home, then your air ducts may need to be cleaned and inspected.

Ductwork repair, duct sealing and new duct installation may also be needed from time to time and you can trust our experts will know exactly what your system needs to get it back to life.

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AC Replacement Imminent?

If your air conditioner was barely keeping your home comfortable last summer and has officially kicked the curb, winter is the perfect time to replace it. Upgrading to a new AC system is a big investment to your home, but the added efficiency and comfort of a new system is worth it. Replacing an old air conditioner unit with an energy efficient unit could save you 20-40 percent on your home cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Learn more about how to choose the right AC unit for your space and all about the Jenergy Air installation process on our AC Replacement page.

Summer is Coming, Prepare Your Home for Any Season Now

While we may not need to worry about snow or serious winter weather affecting our HVAC systems in Florida, maintaining your HVAC system is still crucial to enhancing its lifespan. Allow our experts to help with any questions you may have about your HVAC system before the summer heat and emergency AC repairs begin again.

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