Air Conditioning System Maintenance

AC System maintenance is necessary if dependability and energy efficiency are important to you.  Like your car, regular maintenance is important to keep your comfort system running smoothly and efficiently.  There are many components that work together within your system that need to be inspected, cleaned and replaced from time to time.  Without proper maintenance, you could lose air conditioning and that could leave you pretty uncomfortable in our hot and humid Florida climate.  High humidity levels create a lot of condensation that is removed by your AC system, without regular maintenance the system will become dirty and could potentially clog your condensation drain which could become a costly water damage repair.

AC System Maintenance Programs

Our Bi-annual maintenance program was created to make it easy for our customers to receive the maintenance needed for their HVAC systems. We recommend Bi-annual maintenance for many reasons: Pre-Winter and Pre-Summer. Before the extreme weather seasons it is recommended to clean out the build-up that developed during heavy use.

We also use this time to:

  • Check and inspect the heater to make sure that it is ready and safe for use when the winter weather arrives.
  • We examine the electrical connections to ensure proper fit as well as check all voltages and amperages
  • We inspect wires for burnt ends or bad connections that could create burnt wires which in turn will create a loss of system power.
  • Check refrigerant levels and quick search for leaks. We will add up to 2 lbs. of refrigerant as needed.
  • We will surface clean the interior and exterior of the air handler. We remove any leaves or debris from the condenser and wash off the condenser coil.
  • Check disconnects, breakers, filters, contactors, super heat and sub-cooling
  • Lubricate all applicable motors
  • Check for overflow protection and purge the condensate line

Our primary goal: Effortless and reliable air conditioning and heating for all of our customers through regular maintenance.

The Cool Club

Our customers that are in “The Cool Club” have regularly scheduled Bi-Annual Maintenance. These customers receive 15% off any repairs they receive while a member of the “Cool Club” and should they need system replacement they will receive 5% off a new HVAC system. Being a “Cool Club” member also entitles you to priority scheduling.  Call us at 727-595-5366 to inquire about “Cool Club” membership and schedule your first system maintenance today!

Call us about our "Cool Club"!

Call us at 727-595-5366 to inquire about “Cool Club” membership and schedule your first system maintenance today!