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Are you looking for a qualified and trusted contractor for air duct repair or installation in your home? Look no further than the heating,

Air Duct Repair & Installation Pinellas County

Are you looking for a qualified and trusted contractor for air duct repair or installation in your home? Look no further than the heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts at Jenergy Air Services located in Largo and Seminole. Whether you’re a recent new home buyer or you’re having ductwork issues, trust our HVAC experts to repair or install your air ducts so they last for many years to come.

The Jenergy Air experts use a scientific method to design and customize your duct system for your family and home’s needs. The method includes your home square footage measurements, the size of your unit, the necessary air flow velocity, and the friction loss and static pressure of your HVAC system. It might surprise you to learn, but the most important factor that determines your air conditioner’s efficiency is not your unit’s SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). While higher SEER ratings are certainly important, the most crucial element of your HVAC system’s efficiency is actually something much simpler – your ducts! Ductwork that is improperly sized or is leaking will have serious implications on your system’s overall efficiency. Without a properly designed duct system, your airflow could be restricted causing a loss of cooling or serious system breakdowns.

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Air Duct Repair Seminole, Largo

Did you know? According to ASHRAE, the majority of homes leak on average 10-25% conditioned air! Over time, air ducts become old and brittle, along with the occasional rodent chewing holes in them, causing hot, dirty attic air to enter into your home’s ventilation system. Duct leakage is the term for holes, cracks or leaks in the air ducts that allow air to escape before it reaches the space in which it was intended. This also causes a negative air pressure if it is on the supply side of the system which pushes your cold conditioned air into your attic. If the leak is on the return side of your duct system you are pulling that hot, dirty and moist attic air into your air conditioning system which causes it to have to work harder and longer to cool your home making your system much less efficient.

Signs of duct leakage include:

  • Hot/cold spots in rooms

  • Excessive dust, dirt, and airborne allergens

  • High energy/utility bills for heating and cooling

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality and odors

Whole House Duct Diagnosis

Jenergy Air also offers a whole house duct diagnosis where we will determine whether your duct system is properly sized for your HVAC system and offer recommendations for how to improve it. The whole-house duct diagnosis is perfect for those certain rooms that stay cold in the winter and hot and stuffy in the summer.

Ductwork Installation in Belleair, Clearwater

Do you have a new home build in need of air duct installation? Or does your home still have the original ductwork and you’d like to get an estimate for a new installation? Our Jenergy Air HVAC experts are trusted all over the Pinellas County community for their knowledge of sizing and installing ductwork.

If your ducts are undersized, your system is limited by the size of the ductwork. This puts pressure on the machine as it is trying to move more air than your duct system can handle. This can cause moisture to build within the first 10 feet of your duct system as there is too much air and not enough room to move air, causing condensation over time. If not caught early enough this might lead to biological growth and other problems with your system.Then even a 20 SEER HVAC system isn’t going to run very efficiently! It is important to make sure your duct system can handle the capacity of air your system was designed to condition.

At Jenergy Air Services we begin our duct installation process with an inspection of your home, where we take into account the size and layout of your home as well as the capacity of your HVAC system so we can optimize your duct design and installation for your particular needs. When your duct system is designed and installed by Jenergy Air’s experts, you can feel the difference in your home and see an improvement on your utility bill too.

Air Duct Repair and Installation Pinellas County

Contact the air duct repair and installation experts of Jenergy Air for your ductwork project. The air ducts are a crucial part of your home so it’s important to only trust the best, and the best is Jenergy Air Services!

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