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Jennifer and Joel Reynolds both grew up in air conditioning families right here in Pinellas County. Jennifer’s father, grandfather, uncle and eventually brother all have worked in the air conditioning industry both commercially and residentially. Joel Reynolds’ father owned an air conditioning company in the local area since Joel was a child. Joel started repairing and installing AC systems at the young age of 14, as he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jennifer and Joel were married in 2000. Together, they have 2 children, Cierra and Logan. Eventually, Jennifer also worked for Joel’s father and spent many years learning about air conditioning. She began to network and volunteer in the community, reaching out to educate them about the importance of AC and how you can fix minor problems yourself, to prevent large future repairs. She became very involved in local chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs and was eventually branded s “Jenergy” within the community, as her contagious spirit is one you never forget.

Joel and Jennifer decided to combine their passions and start their own AC Company so that they may make their own mark on the community and start their own legacy.  With their combined gifts, Joel’s technical genius and Jen’s marketing mind they started Jenergy Air Services in 2015. Joel is passionate about solving AC problems to create affordable solutions for customers and Jennifer is passionate about creating a positive customer service experience so that their customers will spread the word about Jenergy Air Services.

At Jenergy Air, we are trying to set an example to change our industry. We want to change the public opinion of service companies. Instead of being intimidated by a pushy sales call, and we want our customers to feel good about the choices we give them when it comes to their repairs or installations. Our customers know we always have their best interests at heart.


1985 was the year Joel Reynolds realized he wanted to be an HVAC tech. Hurricane Elaina tore up the coast of Pinellas County, and several of the condo buildings Joel’s father had been servicing lost many AC systems. The storm folded up the roof like a book, smashing all the condensers. He was a solo service man running a modest service company and needed help, so he recruited the family.  It was all hands in and this included his wife and 2 sons and a young helper named Joey who was 18.

Joel was ten years old when he finally understood what his father did for a living, and he was fascinated by it. It was then that he decided that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and also become an HVAC technician.

He then spent most of his summer breaks riding with his father to service calls where his dad taught him the tools of the trade. Not only technical training but customer service training as well.  His dad loved what he did and he loved his customers.  He always treated every customer the same, like he’d known them for years, even if he was just meeting them for the first time. This is what shaped the kind of technician Joel is today, and how we train our technicians to treat our customers. Good customer service and relationships matter to us and it shows. We know if we are good to our customers, they in turn are loyal, and are happy to refer us to their friends and family.

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