Duct Cleaning Pinellas County Florida

Think about this, when was the last time someone cleaned your ducts?  The average home owner has never had their ducts cleaned, and most duct systems are original to the home.  Over time, dust and other organic debris can collect on the inside of the ducts and create residue that coats throughout your entire system.  And if your ducts have air leaks or holes, you are possibly pulling in hot, moist and dirty attic air into your system adding a whole new level of particulates into your duct system and indoor air.

Here are some signs that you may need to get your ducts cleaned:

  • Do you notice that your return filters need to be changed often because they get clogged frequently?
  • Do you see any noticeable dust or dirt coming out of your vents?
  • Can you smell any odor coming from your HVAC system?
  • Pet owners, do you have a pet hair removal problem and see a lot of hair floating through the air?

Schedule your Duct Cleaning!

We utilize a duct cleaning system that not only scrubs the inside of your ducts, it also removes the particulates that have built up over time. We can also sanitize your ducts to kill anything organic that is growing inside them. Call us for an estimate today!