August 30, 2020

Protect Your Air Conditioner from Storms and Hurricanes: Quick Tips

Hurricane Laura recently swept through the southeast and has many local homeowners from the Pinellas beaches and throughout Tampa Bay asking the HVAC experts at Jenergy Air how to protect their air conditioner during a hurricane. Have no fear, our team is here for you!

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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner Before a Hurricane

Whether hurricane season is active or not, Florida is always known for its severe thunderstorms and lightning that can do severe damage to homes and air conditioners. Taking precautionary steps to protect your AC is essential if you want to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Lower the thermostat down several degrees more than your usual indoor temperature a couple of hours before the storm hits. This will make your home cooler for longer after the system is turned off.

Remove all potted plants, outdoor furniture, and any other objects that could be picked up by intense wind speeds and thrown at your air conditioner or home.

Turn OFF your air conditioner when the storm hits. Leaving the system on can cause severe damage to it if it’s struck by lightning. If rising waters reach your AC condenser shut it off at the breaker to avoid needing to replace it later!

What to Do with Your Air Conditioner After a Hurricane

As you regain your power at your home, know that the power surges endured during the storm might have blown a few electrical components in your AC system. Inspect the system before turning it on! If you see damage, call us first. Running the system could make the damage worse. Answer these questions before turning the system back on after a storm:

  • Was the air conditioner ever underwater?
  • Clicking sounds or loud buzzing noises coming from the system?
  • Are the fan and vents clear of debris?
  • Check the refrigerant and electrical lines. Are they each intact?
  • Did any falling trees or other windblown objects hit the unit?
  • Any detectable electrical smoke?

Contact Air Conditioning Repair Experts After a Storm

We are ready to help your air conditioner get back to normal after a severe storm! Call us and get on the schedule to help prepare your air conditioning system for hurricane season or any other weather events that may come its way. Contact us online today or call (727) 595-5366.