May 29, 2020

How to Unclog Your AC Drain Line

The AC condensate drain line inside of your air conditioning unit faces an important job with Florida’s humid climate. Humidity creates tons of extra moisture in your air conditioner and, without proper AC maintenance, can lead to added strain on your AC drain line, and a system shut down or even a flood and water damage in your home. Always contact a qualified and licensed HVAC contractor like the experts at Jenergy Air to service your system.

5 Signs Your AC Drain Line is Clogged

Is a clogged drain line causing your AC system to not turn on? Here are the common signs your AC drain line is clogged:

  • AC not turning on and your home is HOT!
  • Drain pan full of water
  • Water around air conditioning unit
  • Musty or moldy water smell near AC
  • Water damage around the AC unit

Supplies Needed to Unclog an AC Drain Line

Gather these supplies before you try to unclog your air conditioner’s condensate drain line:

  • Distilled vinegar
  • Funnel
  • Towel
  • Bucket
  • Wet-dry vacuum

How to Unclog Your AC Drain Line

Follow these steps if your AC drain line is clogged:

  1. Turn off the power to the AC system
  2. Locate drain pan/line, most are found right under the inside AC unit, sometimes covered by a panel
  3. Vacuum and dry any standing water around the unit
  4. Disconnect the drain line (usually a pvc pipe) and allow any clogged water to empty into the bucket
  5. Reconnect drain line
  6. Pour ¼ cup of distilled vinegar in the drain to clean your AC condensate drain line
  7. Schedule an AC maintenance check with Jenergy Air and always remember your routine, bi-annual air conditioner maintenance

Call Jenergy Air if your AC Drain Line is Clogged

Have you tried all of our ways to fix your AC drain line tips but you’re still having air conditioner issues? Our HVAC experts at Jenergy Air in Seminole, Florida will know exactly what to do to solve your air conditioning problems. Contact us today to schedule an AC service online or call Jenergy Air at (727) 595-5366.